Academy Of The Dark Arts

As your walking through a dark evil looking forest you find yourself face to face with an ancient looking alter. In the middle of the alter is an orange, yellowish colored circle, so you ask yourself "Whats an alter doing out here in the middle of a forest" Out of curiosity you step up on the alter, and stand in the middle of the circle, but nothing happens. Disappointed you turn away to leave, but right before you do you notice a pillar with runes etched in the center. Once again curiosity grips you, and you start moving the runes. All of a sudden you find yourself in front of an ancient door with an emblem that symolizes great and powerful magic etched in the center of it. On the ground is a floor mat that says "Welcome to The Academy of the Dark Arts" As you open the door you feel somewhat light headed, and dizzy, but the feeling passes just as quickly as it came, and you find yourself in a long hallway. You suddenly find yourself walking through the hallway, and at last after what seems to be hours of walking you come across a similar door as the first one, except this one is newer looking, and modern. You open this one as well, and find yourself looking at the biggest academy you have ever seen, and theres people running about, and training in various places.